Business Technology Services

Desktops, Laptops, Workstations and Servers
No single manufacturer has the best of everything, so we maintain close relationships with all of them.  This allows us to help you decide what brand / model is best for your specific needs and get you the best pricing.   If the configuration you are looking for is not available, we can also custom build systems to meet precise requirements.

System Upgrades
Are you on a tight budget? We can supply you with the quality parts and knowledge to extend the life of your existing systems.  We also have access to an extensive inventory of off-lease and refurbished equipment if you are looking for that “new to you” computer.

We have the knowledge and experience to design, implement and maintain your network. No network is too large or too small. We have comprehensive experience with hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, and firewalls to make your network reliable and fast. Our extensive knowledge of available products will allow us to recommend the best products for your specific application.

Technology Consulting
Let us work with you to design the complete plan for your business. Whether it is one or two stand-alone office computers or hundreds of networked computers and servers in several locations, let us help you design your complete computer solution.

We always remain vendor neutral when designing a solution for your business. We make our recommendations based on the true needs of your business, not obligations or quotas with vendors.

Call us for a free consultation and see what we can do for your business today…